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What Else Can You Tell Me?

Q: How far do I have to walk to the Segway PTs?

A: Our visitor center where you check in is only feet away from where the Segway PT tours start. There is a total of about a quarter of a mile of walking, mostly to a hidden waterfall and river walk, in short stretches where we stop Segway PTs on certain tours.


Q: What if I just want to watch other family members on the Segway PTs?

A: You can walk through the gardens where the Segway PTs glide, but keeping up with a tour is not possible due to their speed. You can meet the tour at various stops or by walking in the center of the garden and meeting the gliders as they pass.


Q: Are there refreshments available?

A: Segway PT Off Road Adventure has water available while on the tour. The trees and plants in the gardens provide natural refreshments, but Our Visitor Center has snacks, sandwiches and beverages available for you to purchase. We also offer free bananas when ripe.


Q: Do you have any souvenir items to commemorate our Segway PT tour?

A: Yes. We have our special Segway PT Off Road Adventure T-shirts in a variety of sizes and colors. And photographs of your  tour can be purchased in our visitor center.


Q: Is tipping allowed?

A: If you like the trip, feel free to tip. Our guides make it look easy, but they work hard to make it look that way. Tips are part of their income and they appreciate your gratitude.

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